Charter School Reform Laws Have Been Enacted - Now What?

Lozano Smith Podcast
Following months of discussion regarding the impact that charter schools have had on traditional public schools, the Legislature has passed, and Governor Newsom has signed, two bills that will have wide-ranging impacts on California charter schools and their authorizers. Joining host Devon Lincoln to discuss these new laws, and what charter school authorizers need to know about these changes, are attorneys Megan Macy and Ed Sklar.

Show Notes & References
  • 2:50 Assembly Bill (AB) 1505
  • 16:42 Assembly Bill (AB) 1507
  • 19:48 Anderson Union High School District v. Shasta Secondary Home School (2016) 4 Cal.App.5th 262
  • 26:40 Lozano Smith Charter School Toolkit (to request a Toolkit, email
  • 27:16 Lozano Smith Charter Symposium
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