Legal Staff Training: Lozano Smith attorneys from across the State gather for an annual 2-day professional development training.

Why Inclusion and Diversity Matter

Lozano Smith’s greatest asset is our people. In providing legal services to public agencies, our work is about people in the diverse communities our clients serve. We do our best work when the people in our firm represent the communities we serve.

When employees stay with us, it is a reflection of our culture at its best – a place where people can personally and professionally thrive and grow, be fulfilled by the work they do, and feel connected to the team they do it with.

We know that all of this is critical to our success as a law firm.

We embed diversity, equity and inclusion in every part of how we operate as a firm. Our numbers speak for themselves, and we are proud of our entire team.

Inclusion at Lozano Smith

Lozano Smith is filled with people who look, speak, think, believe and move differently than one another, but share a common purpose: providing exceptional legal services to our clients. For us, inclusion is first actively seeing, encouraging, welcoming, embracing and celebrating our differences. It is then ensuring that all employees, regardless of those differences, have meaningful opportunities to advance and grow in the firm.

To achieve this, we focus on (1) our outreach, recruitment and hiring practices; and (2) our professional advancement and development practices.


Annual Pride Celebration: Employees from Lozano Smith’s Walnut Creek office celebrated and supported each other during a fun-filled event.

As a law firm, we have a rather unique culture. You won't find it framed and hung on the wall in the front lobby of our offices, but everybody knows we have a "No Jerks" rule. Simply put, we enjoy each other's company. We like to have fun together, in the office and in the field. We enjoy our work, and equally important, who we work for. It goes a long way in our quest for superior client service.


Professional Development: Lozano Smith is committed to professional development and learning opportunities for its staff.

Professional Advancement and Development

Once here, our commitment is that all employees be given: (1) the opportunity to do meaningful, impactful work; (2) contemporaneous feedback on their work and skills; and (3) the support needed to grow.

As they develop professionally, it is critical that our attorneys have opportunities to (1) take on internal leadership roles and advance in the firm; and (2) build relationships with existing clients and develop new clients. Our efforts in this area include:

  • Providing meaningful work and client interaction opportunities for all attorneys.
  • Teaching and learning both “hard” and “soft” skills essential to serving clients and managing a law practice.
  • Coaching and Mentorship.
  • Annual evaluation based on consistent, transparent criteria.

If you want to make a difference every day at place that welcomes and respects your difference, talk with us.

Our doors are open to anyone with the skills, desire, commitment and team-spirit to strive for the highest level of client service. Through our firm-wide initiatives, Lozano Smith actively seeks to recruit and on-board a diverse team.

Careers at Lozano Smith

Lozano Smith continues to grow at a swift yet steady pace. We invite you to check out our current job openings.