California’s Premier Education and Public Agency Law Firm

For more than 30 years, Lozano Smith has served as a recognized leader committed to providing innovative and tailored legal solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. As a firm, on that very first day in 1988, we chose to dedicate our entire practice to the students, teachers, administrators, public officials and community members who make up the education and public sectors in California. Today, that same commitment holds true, and hundreds of clients continue to place their trust in Lozano Smith.

Covering the State, Literally.

Our clients deserve accessibility and expertise. Your time is valuable, and you are focused on being with students and out in the community as much as possible. You should expect local, yet statewide expertise in every area of law. We certainly do. That's just one reason we have offices in 8 California cities: Sacramento, Walnut Creek, Fresno, Monterey, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

We exist as a full-service education and public agency law firm, serving hundreds of California's K-12 and community college districts, universities, and numerous cities, counties, and special districts. Clients benefit from the experience of all our attorneys throughout the State, but are regularly served by those who follow the same local news stories.

The Success of Any Partnership – A Shared Vision

Throughout our journeys with clients, we’ve come to realize that the success of any partnership is a shared vision. In the end, we understand it is not all about us. It’s about our clients and those they represent. Knowing this, we will always be committed to providing tailored services, prompt advice, confident counsel and innovative solutions. We are there when clients need us most, allowing them to be there for their students and communities at every turn.

Why Lozano Smith? We value the relationship.

Side to side, top to bottom, everyone who calls Lozano Smith home understands the importance of being there for clients when they need us most. Our clients know that we will always provide the highest quality legal services; that they can count on us to be creative and compassionate, innovative and enthusiastic; and that we are always available to them 24/7. After all, our clients, communities and children throughout the state deserve it.