Lozano Smith’s attorneys undertake numerous administrative hearings, including hearings that are governed by the Administrative Procedures Act. The Administrative Hearings Practice Area is comprised of those Lozano Smith attorneys who are experienced in and dedicated to assisting clients in a variety of administrative hearings facing K-12 school districts, community colleges districts, higher education institutions, cities, counties, and other public entities. Combining their substantive expertise in various other Lozano Smith practice groups and areas with advanced hearing skills, techniques, and tactical expertise, attorneys in the Administrative Hearings Practice Area are equipped to understand client goals and to represent clients as they prepare for and proceed through administrative hearing processes, both with an eye toward the outcome of those proceedings and the in-court litigation that can follow.

Scope of Practice Area

Attorneys in the Administrative Hearings Practice Area collaborate with various practice groups and areas, including litigation, labor and employment, students, municipal agencies, and investigations. The Administrative Hearings Practice Area focuses on the following types of hearings:

  • Certificated Discipline Hearings
  • Classified Discipline Hearings
  • PERB Hearings
  • CalSTRS/CalPERS Hearings
  • Grievances and Arbitrations
  • Other employment and labor-related hearings
  • Student expulsions

In addition, members of the Administrative Hearings Practice Areas assist clients with:

  • Case analysis to evaluate the liability, cost, and benefit of each matter
  • Assessment of the applicable authority (e.g., state and federal statutes/regulations, in-house policies and regulations, collective bargaining agreements)
  • Compliance with all hearing processes and timelines
  • Preparation for hearing, including witness preparation
  • Alternative options to administrative hearing
  • Representation at administrative hearings
  • Representation at settlement and mediation
  • Post-administrative proceedings and litigation

Commitment to Practice Area

Attorneys in the Administrative Hearings Practice Area are experienced and trained in traditional litigation and trial techniques, as well as in the Administrative Procedures Act, American Association of Arbitration rules, and like rules and procedures, to successfully generate wins for clients and, where applicable, to create precedent. This practice area is committed to continuous training and education on administrative hearings to meet client goals in a wide range of employment-related areas. Attorneys in this practice area also provide client advice on alternatives to administrative hearings through a full and comprehensive risk-benefit analysis of each matter potentially ripe for administrative hearing.