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IV. Is an Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) required?  If the answer to step III B is no, then
               an environmental impact report will be required. (Public Resources Code § 21080(d).)

               A.  Districts should retain qualified environmental consultants and consider working with legal counsel if the
                  more extensive EIR process is required.  An EIR can take nine months or more to prepare, so districts should
                  allow ample time when reviewing this checklist and determining whether an EIR may be required.
               B.  Public Review of Draft EIR.
               C.  Certification of EIR.

               D.  Findings of Significant Effects.
               E.  Statement of Overriding Considerations.

               F.   Adoption of Mitigation Monitoring Program.
               G.  Filing of Notice of Determination.

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