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The following is a preliminary guideline to assist school districts in
                                                       determining what level of review is required under the California
           CEQA CHECKLIST FOR                           Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”, Public Resources Code §§
           SCHOOL DISTRICTS                              21000, et seq.) when the districts build new facilities, expand
                                                          or alter school sites or undertake other projects.  Districts may
                                                           wish to consult with their legal counsel or qualified environ-
                                                            mental consultants to confirm the required level of review.

           I. Is the action to be undertaken by the school district a “project” within the meaning of CEQA?

               A.   Is the action an “approval” within the meaning of CEQA (meaning that a decision is being made that
                  commits the district to a definite course of action)?

                  YES: CEQA consideration must be given to the     NO: No further analysis required. (CEQA Guideline
                  nature of the action (continue to step I B).         § 15352(a).)

               B.   Is the action being taken “discretionary” (may or may not be approved at the district’s discretion) or
                  “ministerial” (district must approve if all applicable legal criteria have been met)?

                  DISCRETIONARY: Must consider whether the         MINISTERIAL: No CEQA analysis is required. (Pub.
                  action constitutes a CEQA “project”              Resources Code § 21080(a), (b)(1); CEQA Guideline
                  (continue to step I C).                          §§ 15357 & 15369.)

               C.   Will the action potentially result in a direct or indirect change in the environment?

                  YES: Preliminary CEQA analysis is required       NO: No further analysis required.
                  (continue to step I D).                          (CEQA Guideline § 15378.)

               D.   Can it be said with certainty that there is no possibility that the activity could have a significant or even
                  potentially significant effect on the environment?

                  YES: No further CEQA analysis is required.       NO: Preliminary CEQA analysis is required
                                                                   (continue to step II). (Pub. Resources Code § 21068;
                                                                   CEQA Guideline §§ 15061(b)(3) & 15382.)

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