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Class 23  Normal operations of facilities for public gatherings; and

                    Class 32  In fill development in an urban area of less than 5 acres that is consistent with general plan
                             and zoning regulations, where the site has no value as habitat for threatened species, and
                             where the project will not have a significant effect on traffic, noise, air quality or water quality.

                    (CEQA Guideline §§ 15301, 15302, 15303, 15304, 15306, 15311, 15312, 15314, 15322, 15323, & 15332)

                  YES: No further CEQA analysis is required.       NO: Preliminary CEQA analysis is required
                                                                       (continue to step III).

               C.  Should a Notice of Exemption be filed with the county clerk?  (Note:  filing a notice of exemption is optional.)

                  ADVANTAGES: Limits period for legal challenge    DISADVANTAGES: May call unwanted attention to
                  to the school district’s action to 35 days from the  an action being undertaken by a school district.
                  date of filing; without a Notice of Exemption, the  (Pub. Resources Code §§ 21108(b), 21152 & 21167(d);
                  period for a legal challenge is 180 days.        CEQA Guideline § 15062.)

            III. Is an Initial Study required?  If the answer to step II is no, then an initial study will be

               required.  (CEQA Guideline § 15063.)

               A.  Does the initial study or any fair argument forwarded to the district in response to that study reveal that
                     the project may have a significant or potentially significant environmental effect?

                  YES: The district should consider whether a      NO: The district should prepare a Negative
                      mitigated negative declaration can be used       Declaration. (Public Resources Code §
                      (continue to step III B).                        21080(c).)

               B.  Can the potentially significant effects identified by the initial study be mitigated through revisions to the project?

                  YES: The district should prepare a Mitigated     NO: The district should prepare an Environmental
                      Negative Declaration.                            Impact Report (continue to step IV).
                                                                       (Public Resources Code § 21080(c).)

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